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Hidden responses to Call Recorder Unmasked

PhoneRecorder is a useful program that allows you to automatically record your phone conversations, as well as hidden recording and sending reports to email. Recording in the program to see in 3gp, hidden functioning, limiting the number and total size of recorded files, automatically deleting the files of conversations, sending reports to email, prohibiting the sending of reports roaming and more.


  • Record phone conversations in 3gp format.
  • Listening to recorded conversations.
  • Hidden functioning.
  • Limit the number and total size of recorded files.
  • Automatic deletion of conversation files.
  • Send reports to email.
  • Downloading email reports
  • Prohibition of roaming reports.
  • Automatic WiFi and/or mobile Internet enabled to send reports (mobile Internet inclusion is only possible until Android 5.0).

The app records using a standard Android API. However, not all manufacturers implement this part of the API. Therefore, the application will not be able to work on some models of phones. Don’t use this app on someone else’s phone without their consent!

One of the most popular features of the smartphone in the 21st century is the ability to record voice calls. Although some Android smartphone manufacturers, such as OnePlus, Xiaomi and Huawei, have incorporated this feature into the stock version of Android, the issue of automatic covert recording of conversations remains relevant at present.
For me and my co-staff, recording calls is a very important feature because it helps me keep important conversations that may be needed much later. In 2018, cases of fraud with disclosure of personal data have increased in Russia. For example, many people want to know your personal SNILS number or other most important information. If you have a record, you can safely contact the law enforcement agencies.
If for these or other reasons you need to record calls on an Android device, the Play Store has really good apps that without any problems and settings, will allow you to do it automatically. Introducing you top 4 best programs for recording phone conversations on androids.

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