Making aromatic, strong and healthy tea is a special sacrament, a process in which every detail counts. Not only the type and quality of the tea leaf is important, but also the correct choice of the teapot, because the tea leaves can interact in different ways with the material of the dishes. Traditionally, porcelain teapots are used for brewing a drink., clay, stainless steel, glass. Glass products not only look elegant, stylish but also decorate the kitchen interior. They give the opportunity to enjoy the process of making tea – it is interesting to watch how the water turns into an amber, golden color, how the tea leaves open, giving off its aroma and taste. A good selection of such products is offered by the  Kitchen Kite catalog, they are distinguished by attractive design and quality. How to choose the right glass teapot for brewing, what is the advantage of models with a glass flask, with a strainer?

Features of glass teapots

Glass is an ideal material for cookware as it is safe, durable and easy to clean.

For the production of teapots, heat-resistant glass is used, resistant to high temperatures, so you can safely pour water into the dishes of the temperature required for brewing.

Teapots of different sizes and shapes and design styles can be made of glass. This expands the choice for buyers.

The walls of the teapot will not interact with the liquid, the material will not affect the taste of the tea. The high temperature of the water remains in the vessel for a long time, which is necessary to saturate the drink

You can use glassware for brewing black, green, white tea, as well as for herbal teas.

The only drawback of this kind of crockery is its low resistance to shock and damage. When buying a product made from this material, the prospect of quickly breaking the kettle can be frightening if handled carelessly. But Tescom’s manufacturers made sure that the glassware was durable; only heat-resistant, high-quality glass is used for its manufacture.

What to look for when choosing

How to choose and buy the best glass tea pot so that such utensils are enjoyable and provide excellent taste and aroma of the drink? For a successful purchase, you need to adhere to several criteria.

The quality of the dishes. Glass is a safe material, but a teapot made of it can have poor consumer characteristics due to manufacturing flaws. It is necessary to check the strength and reliability of the handle, the tightness of the cover. Preference should be given to proven brands that guarantee product quality.

The presence of a strainer or infusion. Such a detail in the design of the teapot makes the process of brewing a drink convenient – the tea leaves then do not fall into the cup, they remain in the strainer. Tea lovers can only enjoy the pure color of the drink and its invigorating aroma.

Vessel volume. It is recommended to brew tea only for one tea party, not leaving the tea leaves until the next. In a teapot of suitable size, you can brew for a family or guests. In the manufacturer’s catalog, it is easy to find a model for such a characteristic.

Design and form. Each kitchen creates a certain style of furnishings, taking into account which not only furniture, but also dishes are selected. Glass teapots can be straight-sided or round in shape. They also differ in the color of the plastic parts (lids, handles, strainers, instillators). A universal option is a teapot made of glass with a black lid, but the details green, red, yellow will add brightness and mood to the atmosphere.


Glass teapot in the interior of the kitchen

Glassware is always elegant, interesting and stylish. A glass teapot filled with an amber drink will decorate your tea table and make it especially warm and cozy. It will go well with dishes made of other materials (glass, porcelain), with tea sets of different styles and colors. The teapot made of heat-resistant glass will fit into any kitchen interior.

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