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Free spyware for Android phone (Android)

There are many different reasons to use spyware for an Android phone. You can use them to track your child’s or employee’s phone. Consider the most popular spy apps.

This app helps to detect a stolen or lost smartphone and has many additional features. For example, it can take a picture of the person who stole or found your phone, show your phone’s location on the map, and block and delete important data. The app won’t help you track someone else’s device, but will give you the ability to fully spy on who stole yours.


One of the most powerful spy apps. It will allow you to listen and record what others say, monitor chat apps, remove capture from video cameras and keyloggers, and completely hide yourself from antivirus applications.

It’s an app for parents. It tracks your children through a personal Google account. The app allows you to view activity on your child, manage apps, and even select content you watch. You can also set limits on your device and block it if necessary.

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