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Why I Want to Be Like Kevin Max -or- The Ravings of a True Fan

Ever since I was in high school, I’ve dreamed of being able to sing like Kevin Max.

I used to (well, still do actually) buy every album he was on and spend hours singing along with him trying to match his amazing vocal range and artistic inflections. I even remember trying to make a deal with God one time that went something like “If you’ll give me a voice like Kevin’s I’ll do anything you ask, ANYTHING!” I’m still waiting to hear back on that one.

And yes, I have his music playing in the background right now to set the mood as I write this. Actually, here’s one of his music videos (although this one is a few years old).

You see, Kevin is my favorite singer from my favorite band when I was growing up called dcTalk. In fact, a little piece of me died when they announced they were all going their separate ways ten years ago. But since Kevin was going to continue singing and release solo albums, it was ok (I am still crossing my fingers for a reunion album). Since then, I’ve bought every solo album Kevin has released, plus any other album I can find that he’s appeared on (compilations, duets, etc).

Now here’s the kicker.

Truth be told, of all of Kevin’s solo albums that I’ve bought, I really only love a handful of songs – the rest of them, not so much (sorry Kevin).

But I will STILL buy everything he releases in the future.

Why? Because he’s reached a special level of “rockstar” status in my mind that transcends my likes or dislikes, and makes me want to follow him in his artistic explorations (he’s a heck of an artist by the way, and reads poetry he’s written with a voice that makes the ladies swoon). I’ve also shamelessly promoted his albums and appearances on Twitter without even using an affiliate link.

I think it has something to do with the mesmerizing quality of his voice combined with his artistic expression creating some form of mind control hypnosis that’s impossible to resist. You’ve probably heard of this phenomenon referred to as being a “true fan” by other bloggers, but I like my mind control explanation better.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could create that same kind of loyalty in your own audience?

Well the good news is you can.
The great news is that it’s not hard to do.
And the orgasmic, “I’m going to wet myself this is so exciting” news is that I’m going to help you do it.

So here’s the deal – and my request to you – and your chance to win something cool.

I’m working on putting together some kickass resources to help you create your own rockstar awesomeness. Please don’t confuse this with Laura Roeder’s Creating Fame through Social Media course (which is also awesome). This is something entirely different, and has the opportunity to launch you to the next level in your business.

Here’s what I’m up to.

Think about your favorite musicians. Each of them has a persona that they maintain – a unique style that permeates everything they do, and that their fans rave over. It helps them project the message behind their music, separates them from all the other musicians out there, and helps them connect with their audience and turn them into fans. That’s what I help you do for your blog or business.

So right now I’m working on creating some resources that will help you do just that.

But I don’t want to just create a bunch of stuff without first asking you (because you’re awesome) what you need. What questions do you have about branding, marketing, design, blogging, or online business that you’d like me to answer? Are you frustrated over some part of your marketing that I could help with?

Let me know by adding them to the comments below, or just e-mail them to me at logan [at] loganzanelli [dot] com and enter to win a free coaching session with me.

Here’s where it gets cool

I’ll take the two most compelling comments / e-mails I receive and give the person that wrote them a free 30 minute phone consultation with me to help them with that issue one-on-one over the phone. Plus I’ll send them a free copy of Kevin’s latest album Cotes d’ Armor. The rest I will address in the upcoming resources I’m working on to help everyone reach their own rockstar status in their business.

Pretty cool, right?

So tell me, how can I help you be your industry’s rockstar?

Photo credit: breezy421

P.S. Kevin, if you happen to read this post contact me. Seriously. I want to design the cover for your next album, or your next poetry book, or whatever else you’re working on. Anyway, contact me.

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