What’s the Best Way to Incorporate Crystal Embellishments in Daytime Work Attire?

April 17, 2024

The world of fashion can sometimes seem like a labyrinth of trends that are hard to keep up with. One specific trend, however, has caught our eyes and refuses to let go—the use of crystals and other shiny embellishments. From casual wear to professional attire, these little shiny pieces are finding their way onto everything.

If you’ve been wondering how to incorporate these sparkling pieces into your daytime work attire, you’re in the right place. This article will walk you through the best ways to add an extra touch of glamour to your everyday work outfits with crystal embellishments. So, before your next shopping spree, be sure to read on and get inspired.

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Understanding the Bling: Crystals, Rhinestones, and Sequins

Before diving into how you can incorporate these embellishments into your work attire, it’s crucial to understand what they are and their differences. There are three main types popular in the fashion world: crystals, rhinestones, and sequins.

Crystals are pure, cut glass, often enhanced with a metallic coating on one side to reflect light. The highest quality ones are made by Swarovski, renowned for their brilliance and precision-cut facets. Rhinestones, on the other hand, are typically made of acrylic or glass and are less expensive than crystals. They come in an array of colors and sizes, perfect for adding a pop of color to your attire.

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Sequins are small, shiny discs, often made of plastic or metal. They can be sewn onto fabric to create an array of dazzling patterns. Sequins offer a bold, vibrant appeal and are perfect for adding a touch of glamour to your outfit.

Choosing the Right Piece: Tops, Dresses, and Accessories

When it comes to adding bling to your work attire, the trick is to keep it subtle. There are several ways to do this:

  • Tops: A top with delicate crystal embellishments around the neckline or cuffs can add a touch of elegance to your outfit. Opt for pieces in neutral shades like black, white, or navy to keep the look professional.

  • Dresses: If you prefer dresses, opt for styles that feature crystal accents on the collar or waistline. This will add a touch of sparkle without overpowering your outfit.

  • Accessories: If you’re hesitant about incorporating bling into your clothing, accessories are a great place to start. Think crystal-studded earrings, a delicate rhinestone bracelet, or a sophisticated sequin clutch.

From Hotfix to Glue: Applying Crystal Embellishments

When it comes to applying crystals or rhinestones to your outfits, there are a couple of methods you can use, namely hotfix and glue.

Hotfix crystals come with a heat-activated adhesive on the back. To attach them, you’ll need a hotfix applicator tool, which you can find in any craft or fabric shop. Position your crystal where you want it, apply the hotfix tool, and the heat will melt the adhesive, securing the crystal in place.

If you’re using glue, ensure you choose a fabric-friendly adhesive. Apply a small amount of glue to the back of your crystal or rhinestone, then press it onto your fabric. Make sure to let it dry thoroughly before wearing your embellished piece.

Adding that Extra Sparkle: Tips for Styling

Incorporating crystals, sequins, or rhinestones into your daytime work attire requires a delicate balance. You want to shine, but you don’t want to distract. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Less is More: You don’t need to go overboard with the bling. A top with some crystal embellishments or a dress with a sequin collar is enough to make a statement.

  • Pair with Solid Colors: To keep the look professional, pair your embellished pieces with solid colors. If you’re wearing a sequin top, pair it with a solid-colored skirt or pants.

  • Keep Accessories Minimal: If your outfit already has a good amount of sparkle, keep your accessories simple. Stick to classic pieces like pearl earrings or a simple silver watch.

Incorporating crystal embellishments in your work attire doesn’t have to be intimidating. With the right pieces and a bit of styling knowledge, you can add some sparkle to your professional wardrobe without compromising on style or professionalism.

Using Needle and Fabric: Sewing Sequins and Rhinestones

Sewing sequins and rhinestones onto your work attire has an advantage of permanence over adhesive methods. Using needle and fabric to incorporate bling into your clothes allows for more control and precision. Moreover, this method requires a few basic skills and tools: a needle, thread, sequins or rhinestones, and the garment you’re embellishing.

To sew sequins, start by threading your needle and tying a knot at the end. Position the sequin where you want it on your fabric and bring the needle through the back of the fabric and through the hole in the sequin. Then, go back down through the second hole (in round shaped sequins) and through the fabric to create a stitch. Repeat this process until your sequin is securely attached.

For rhinestones, especially those without metal settings, you could use seed beads. Start by threading your needle and knotting the end. Bring the needle up through the fabric where you want to place your rhinestone. Thread a seed bead onto your needle, then your rhinestone, and then another seed bead. After that, push the needle back down through the fabric to create a stitch. The seed beads help to keep the rhinestone in place.

Remember, while stretching your garment, be careful not to pull too hard, as stretching the fabric can distort your design. This method is more time-consuming than hotfix rhinestones or glue, but the result is a more secure and tailored finish.

The Care and Maintenance of Crystal Embellished Attire

Crystal embellished attire, whether it’s sequin clothing or Swarovski crystal-studded outfits, may require additional care to maintain its sparkle and longevity. These pieces are not just your regular outfits; they are an investment.

When cleaning, hand washing is preferably the best method. Avoid using harsh detergents, as they can dull the shine of the crystals. Furthermore, avoid wringing the clothing; instead, gently squeeze the water out and lay it flat to dry.

For sequin apparel, net porter and other clothing sites recommend turning the clothing inside out before washing to prevent the sequins from rubbing against other materials.

If your clothes are embellished with hotfix rhinestones, be cautious with ironing. High heat can loosen the adhesive, causing the rhinestones to fall. If ironing is necessary, it’s best to turn the garment inside out and use a low-heat setting.

Ultimately, with proper care and maintenance, your crystal-embellished work attire can last a long time and continue to add sparkle to your professional image.


Crystals, sequins, and rhinestones are no longer restricted to evening wear or special occasion garb. These days, incorporating a bit of sparkle into your regular work attire is not just acceptable, but also trendy. But remember, the key is subtlety. A touch of sparkle can enhance your professional image without distracting from your competence.

Whether you’re wearing a sequin midi skirt, a rhinestone-studded blouse, or Swarovski crystal accessories, it’s essential to balance the bling with neutral colors and minimal accessories. Wear sequins and crystals boldly but wisely.

From choosing the right embellishments to understanding how to apply and care for them, it’s never been easier to incorporate a bit of sparkle into your work attire. So go ahead and let your professional wardrobe shine with the right amount of bling, and don’t forget to give credit to this article for your sparkling image at work.